British Sign Language

Another instalment in my learning BSL. Do you know what I am saying? Have realised I need to have the camera higher so you can see my finger spelling fully 🙂

British Sign Language

I am learning BSL to make sure I am able to communicate effectively with all my customers. As a way to practice this and to help you learn I am going to share these helpful videos. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

Munro of the month – Nov 2020

What is a Munro?

Each month I will be highlighting a specific Munro. It must be one I have summitted myself or else I would not be ‘qualified’ to talk about it.

As this is the first of the M.O.T.M. it makes sense to highlight my first ever Munro – Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond

Height: 974m (3196ft)

Location: Eastern shore of Loch Lomond in the west of Scotland

Name meaning: Beacon Hill

Rock types: Granite, Micha Schist, diorite and porphry

Map used: Harvey Maps Ultramap XT40 (1:40000). Also available is their 1:25,000 giving you more detail if you prefer

Created over 400 million years ago! (the hill, not the map)

I first climbed Ben Lomond when I was about 10yrs old. I had an aunt we used to stay with from time to time and she was really into the outdoors. At that age I was playing rugby and doing athletics regularly so fitness wasn’t a problem. So with my aunt and my sister we went up and back down the main path. I remember feeling like we were walking uphill for days but also remember that this was where I learned about the mighty jelly baby and how it can be good for short energy boost.

Since then I have done Ben Lomond another 2 times (2017 & 2019), once with a former colleague and once with my lovely wife Sarah. Both these times I decided to head up the Ptarmigan ridge or path. Named after the Ptarmigan, a member of the grouse family (click the name which will take you to the RSPB website for more information on the Ptarmigan). This path avoids the main ‘tourist’ path and makes for a much more fun and interesting ascent. Some scrambly hands on parts as well so, as with any hill walking, make sure you know what you are doing!

Summitting Ben Lomond rewards you with a fantastic panoramic view whichever route you decide to take.

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs provides a variety of opportunities to spot wildlife. Ben Lomond is no different. There are opportunities to see Red deer, Ptarmigans, Golden Eagles, Otters, Red Squirrels, Whooper Swans and so much more

Loch Lomond

The adventurer

The summit

Lead climbing

These past few months I have been so very lucky to have worked with 4 young climbers looking to learn to lead climb. To consolidate my CWLA training I provided my time for free and they gave up their Wednesday evenings. We started with bottom roping with 4 young people who were nervous but excited about the prospect of lead climbing. A few months on we now have 4 confident young climbers who are trying (and completing) goals and climbs they never thought possible.

I was having so much fun tonight that I forgot to take a group photo

So, to Ellie, Eve, Freyja and Rachel I say a great big WELL DONE. Also I would like to say thank you to each of you for being absolutely awesome!

(And of course thank you for the pressies)

Keep climbing, keep aiming high and, no matter how many times you fall, get back on and enjoy every moment!

Climber of the Month award

March saw the start of our monthly competition. The prize goes to the climber that promotes safety at all times, supports their fellow climbers and is always trying their hardest.

As you can see from the photo, James was very happy about his Wild Country and Climbing Wall Solutions prizes. Who will win in April……..


First parent/guardian first aid awareness

We recently ran the first parent/guardian first aid awareness course at Playbugs in Linlithgow. A 3hr course teaching you the essential life support skills needed to keep your child safe.  The course started with an introduction into the terminology and reasons for learning. We then got hands on learning life support skills including recovery position, CPR and AED usage. All for infants, children and adults. Then we looked at saving a choking child, infant or adult and finished off with some discussions on other first areas. A great evening with good participation from all involved.

Want to know more? Please get in touch

First Aid Training

We are pleased to announce that we are offering First Aid training. With all areas covered from a basic awareness course through to a full 3 day First Aid course, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Infant First Aid Awareness

We are pleased to be offering a 3hr course in Infant First Aid Awareness in West Lothian, Fife and Edinburgh areas. The course is aimed at parents with newborn children up to 1 year old. It focusses on coping with choking and delivering CPR but will also touch on other first aid areas.

Cost is £30 per person

We will happily deliver the training in your own house. This means there will be no further costs applicable.

No fuel charges will apply for up to 10 miles from Linlithgow

We can also deliver child (over 1 year old) first aid awareness


Activity classes during the October holiday

Although we have been unable to run the Young Adventurer’s Holiday club during the October week, the Saturday Archery and Climbing classes will still continue as normal. Hope to see you all there


Coming soon

Hats, fleeces, hoodies, jackets, buffs, juice bottles, key rings and more